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Healthy Eating


Welcome to the new healthy eating section of the website. At Swan Lane, we are committed to educating children about how to eat a healthy, balanced diet. We believe that the eating habits that children develop now can stay with them for the rest of their lives, so we want to encourage them to make healthier choices with their food. Our aim is children to understand that healthy food can be exciting, fun and delicious.

Our School Council have been heavily involved in developing healthy eating activities and projects throughout the school. It was them that first raised it as an issue of concern when they noticed that some lunchboxes and break-time snacks could be healthier. We have regular meetings with the School Council to get their views on new projects and what they think we could do to make our school healthier.

Some of our recent initiatives have included:

  • Healthy Lunchbox Week – We carried out a range of activities to educate children about what makes a healthy lunchbox. Every class made some healthy food that could be a main component of a lunchbox, and then they got to eat it.
  • The Swan Lane Recipe Book – After our Healthy Lunchbox week, every child wrote up their class recipe and one was chosen from each class to appear in the recipe book. It was then printed and sold to raise funds for the School Council. Copies are still available from the school office, priced at just £1.
  • Healthy Snack Week – We have had two Healthy Snack Weeks now and both have been a great success. We have discussed the types of food that make healthy snacks.
  • Cookery Club – Mrs Manion and Mrs Whitehouse run a Cookery Club for Key Stage 2 children in which they have a variety of healthy food.

We are now looking to include photographs of children cooking healthy food at home (either from the recipe book or your own creations). We would also love some reviews of any of the recipe book food that you make at home. You can email any photos and reviews to [email protected] and we will include them on the website. Mr Jones is making a recipe each week and you can find his reviews here.

The children are definitely more confident about discussing healthy food and are certainly making healthier choices with their lunchboxes and snacks. They are showing a great interest in healthy eating and a desire to make healthier choices. Thank you for all of the parent support we have received with this on-going project. It is clear from taking to children that they are being well supported at home. We have seen some lovely food sent in in lunchboxes and as snacks, and we are certainly a healthier school now than we were a few months ago.