Swan Lane First School

Learn, Play and Grow Together

Rynal Street, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 4QA

01386 446540

[email protected]


At Swan Lane, we have a wonderful group of Teaching Assistants and other support staff, who do so much to help our school be the best it can be. 

Teaching Assistants


Mrs A Carter

Mrs J Cowan

Mrs V Dyers

Mrs L Farmer

Mrs M Green

Mrs G Hyatt

Mrs E Koleva

Mrs K Manion

Mrs T O'Brien

Mrs S Sanders

Ms L Smith

Mrs G Sutherland

Mrs P Taylor

Mrs J Tidmarsh

Miss S Vaughan

Mr N Warren

Mrs D Whitehouse

Mrs L Wood

Office Staff

Mrs C Axworthy

Mrs J Mullaly

Mrs C Warren

Mrs C Wharrad


Grounds Staff

Mr J Importante



Mr D McKallin

Ms H McKallin

Ms C Thomas